Hate Is Hard Work
May 27, 2020
Alexandra Wade

We all have someone or something that we hate. It’s just the way it is; we cannot like everything and anything. Sometimes, however, we give too much room to the hate; we let it consume us and make a mess in our life. Try to think about it. How much energy did you waste on hating someone else? How much time? See, hating someone is hard work. We take time to hate someone, to replay the moments that let to it over and over again. And to what end?

Getty Images/ Westend61

I had a hate relationship with several people n my past, but there is a specific one I would like to open up about here today, one that changed its status today. I met this girl when I started at my place of work over a year and a half ago. I was the one to replace her at her job, and she was supposed to give me an orientation. She was sweet, and I could see everyone loved her. And yet, I got the feeling that she didn’t allow me to come into my own in the company. She visited and still does, regularly, shows up to company events and is still in the Whatsapp group. I wished she would let me establish myself and take on my spot.

As time went by, however, I was able to understand her motives. She, who left our company from reasons beyond her control, missed her former workplace. I was able to relate as I miss, to this day, mine. I even saw myself acting the same way if and when I were to be leaving the company. So, as I mentioned, today saw a shift in my feelings towards her. When an important message was announced today at work, I put my feeling aside, let go of the hate, and told her about it. I can’t describe to you the amount of relief I felt – it was truly freeing. Because while love is effortless, hate is hard work.

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