Haute Couture For Everybody
April 5, 2023
Alexandra Wade

Have you ever wondered why celebrities don’t always opt for haute couture dresses at red-carpet events? Maybe haute couture isn’t for everybody. We see our favorite celebrities and role models wearing haute couture at every single red-carpet event which leads us to believe that maybe we want to wear it as well. But have you ever thought about the fact that haute couture might not be everybody? Haute couture pieces might look glamorous on the screen but it’s not easy to wear such dresses or pieces for long hours. These celebrities wear these haute couture dresses because they want to make a statement and gain traction.

Getty Images/EyeEm/ Kseniia Kapris

If wearing haute couture makes you look glamorous and beautiful, it has several disadvantages as well. Firstly, these pieces are sold at really high prices. Their resale value increases over time but purchasing them in the first place is not easy. These dresses have high prices because of the extra embellishments attached to them and the number of man-hours invested in designing these dresses. Even if that is taken care of, another problem arises. Secondly, these dresses are uncomfortable to wear because of the different types of materials used in creating them. For example, some haute couture pieces have plastic materials, leather materials, etc. They might look fancy to the third eye, but it takes a lot of perseverance to wear them for long hours. Celebrities learn how to carry such dresses or pieces over time as they take part in photo shoots or modeling on the runway.

We might feel haute couture would look good on us solely since we admire these pieces. But it is extremely important to know how to carry ourselves in these outfits. But who said that we can’t dream about wearing such outfits even if they won’t look the best on us?

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