Haute Couture Longevity
May 5, 2023
Claire Miles

Do you think haute couture will never leave the fashion market? Do you think this fashion style is here to stay forever? If you agreed with these questions, then so do we. We have realized that haute couture has been part of runway shows and red-carpet events for decades. With time, its popularity is increasing exponentially. Haute couture is getting expensive every day and then a sudden rise in haute couture designers as well; there are still age-old luxury designers who sell their haute couture pieces for exorbitant prices. With the rising expectations of wearing exaggerated outfits, people are investing significantly higher in this fashion style.

There is a long list of haute couture clients who are willing to spend on these pieces so designers will keep supplying till there is an existing demand for these pieces. Moreover, this fashion style has always had a niche market and only targeted a specific group of class. However, with time, the target market is expanding because celebrities are spotted wearing these outfits to runways, and red-carpet events, and the celebrity’s portfolio is not limited to actresses anymore. TikTokers, YouTubers, and social media influencers are part of the celebrity portfolio as well. Furthermore, people have started realizing the value of these haute couture pieces. Haute couture pieces worn in the 1980s or 1990s have a resale value of more than a million dollars. So, even if people are not repeating these haute couture pieces at these high-class events, they have stored them as investment pieces.

If haute couture hasn’t left the fashion market for decades, it is highly unlikely for it to leave the fashion market at this point. With time, the haute couture collections are getting more creative and innovative and run parallel with community standards as well. Lastly, if haute couture pieces are customized, why would people not want to buy them?

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