Haute Couture Show for a Fashion Influencer
July 9, 2023
Rachel Jones

You might have wondered how influencers get invited to haute couture shows or why they even get invited in the first place. Primarily, the job of a fashion influencer is to post styling videos and get recognized by brands who can send them outfits for higher publicity. Fashion influencers who invest in luxurious pieces and post about them on their social media channels are the ones who get invited to these shows. All luxurious brands have an haute couture line as well so if these brands recognize you, you can get an invite.

Getty Images/ Getty Images Entertainment/ Jeremy Moeller

Generally, these brands reach out to you on their own but if you are doing exactly what other fashion influencers are doing but have not received an invite, you can reach out to these brands explaining your mission as a luxury fashion influencer. These brands invite you to their shows so you can post about them as that helps with their publicity when the fashion week has started. What happens is that they send you an invite for their show during the fashion week, and they have different outfits planned for you so you need to go for your fittings. Then you attend the show and post about it or your look, and then if you are lucky enough, you get invited to their after-party or dinner as well. There are no monetary benefits included for a fashion influencer. This is a win-win situation for both parties because both have the opportunity to increase their reach. The influencers are noticed by other luxury brands which helps them in getting paid deals in the future. The brand itself attracts public attention as well.

Fashion influencers get invited to several designer shows during fashion week. Hence, it is a hectic full-time job for them because they have to update their social media channels constantly. It does look glamorous to the public eye but influencers have claimed that fashion weeks are the toughest times of the year because of the hectic schedules.

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