Haute Couture vs Pret a Porter
April 13, 2023
Alexandra Wade

According to Layman’s terms, pret a porter literally means ready to wear whereas haute couture means high sewing. Haute couture pieces take relatively more time in getting stitched because of the additional elements that are attached to them. Pret a porter is a piece that we wear every day that is designed regarding the current fashion trends in the market. Whereas, haute couture relates to pieces that are not designed regarding the current fashion trends but are known for the embellishments attached to them; they can be called vintage clothing as well. Pret a porter pieces are available at all prices from cheap to high-end whereas the case with haute couture pieces is different because they have high prices due to the effort that is invested in designing them.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Thomas Barwick

The difference between the two is quite evident, and each have their respective benefits and can’t be used in the same situation. You can wear either to an award or fashion event but usually, haute couture pieces are known to make more of a statement and make you look unique as well. Moving forward to their differences, pret a porter has been available since the beginning of fashion but Pierre Cardin gave it the name of pret a porter. Pret porter collections are not timeless which is the main reason why designers need to launch different collections throughout the year, for example, winter collections, summer collections, spring collections, etc. But that is not the case with haute couture collections. Haute couture collections are launched once a year because designers don’t need to follow a specific trend when it comes to designing these pieces.

The haute couture section is entirely different from the pret a porter collection. Yes, they have major differences due to which their target markets are different as well. But there is a slight overlap in the two markets as part of the elite class believes in investing in both.

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