Helpful Food Charts To Make Life Easier
August 4, 2022
Alexandra Wade

Unless you are a professional chef, we guarantee there is so much you don’t know about food. You might know how to make cookies, but do you know how to make the perfect chocolate chip cookies? You might have a favorite type of apple, but do you know which one is the sweetest? You might like spicy food, but do you know which pepper is the hottest? What we’re trying to say is that you are about to learn a lot about things you didn’t even know you didn’t know. From cooking tips to food hacks, the following diagrams will change the way you look at food.


Deconstructed Nutella

We all know Nutella is delicious. But do you know what exactly you are spreading on your bread every morning for breakfast? It turns out Nutella is not only made of hazelnuts and cocoa but also skim milk powder, palm oil, and lots and lots of sugar.


How to pick the perfect watermelon

There are a few things you should look out for when picking a watermelon at the grocery store. One of the most important things to observe is whether your watermelon has a yellow spot. Known as the field spot, this marks where the fruit rested on the ground at the farm. Ripe watermelons have yellow spots, not white.


When to eat a banana

You might not know this, but bananas can be eaten at any stage of ripeness. Although we usually go for perfectly ripe bananas, underripe bananas are a great source of prebiotics for gut health and overripe bananas are at their sweetest stage. Brown bananas are perfect for smoothies, shakes, and desserts like banana pancakes.


The life cycle of a strawberry

This beautiful picture shows how amazing nature is. Did you know strawberries are flowers before they become fruits? When strawberry plants grow, they produce up to eight flowers. Each flower has petals, which fall off eventually, and yellow centers that become strawberry fruits.