Here We Go Again
June 24, 2020
Jade Kerr

The first time you broke my heart, I was devastated. I thought that what we had was strong, that it would last. So, you can imagine how surprised I was when you came home one day and told me it was over. You said you needed a little break, time away from us to rethink everything. It was heartbreaking, but I accepted that this was what you needed to do. I still had so much faith in our relationship, in our love. So, when you said that you wanted us to get back together, I wasn’t surprised and was thrilled to resume our relationship. For a few months, it seemed like everything was right as it was before. We loved each other, and we’re in it for the long hall, or so I thought. Because just when I was certain and secure in our relationship, you broke up with me with another lame excuse.

I was so confused when it happened all over again. I couldn’t believe you did this to me again. I was angry – angry with the situation, angry with you. But, more than everything, I was mad at myself. Because deep down, I knew that even then, I would go back to you. Every time I saw you, or something that reminded me of you, I broke down. I couldn’t understand how we got to this place, how I got to this place. You sent me mixed messages, and I didn’t know what to think. You broke up with me, twice, but continued to text me; keeping me from afar. I had to get off this rollercoaster, which took such a toll on me. You were so addictive; I couldn’t quit you. So, I started ignoring your texts; told everyone that we’re over because I am better without you. There was no way I would enter this whirlwind again. It was time to say goodbye.

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