How Do You Know Who To Trust?
November 9, 2022
Jade Kerr

The world can be a scary place. You never know who to trust and you never know who you can call your own. Sometimes, even the closest members of your family end up breaking your trust and making you realize that they took advantage of your innocence and trust. You need to be very careful in who you decide you want to trust because when you trust someone you turn a blind eye towards them and more often than not they know of this and are well aware that they have a good chance of using this as an opportunity and exploiting your trust to their advantage.

One of the most common techniques in developing trust is to test the people that you think you should trust. While this is a good tactic, seeing how people respond to your tests is a good way of understanding how much they value their relationship with you and whether or not you should be able to trust them. However, this tactic greatly depends on the number of tests that you deem necessary before you can trust someone. If this number is too little then they might not have found a way to prove themselves and you might be overlooking someone that you should consider trustworthy.

If this number is too high then you might have led yourself into believing that you cannot trust them because there is a good chance that people are not able to pass every single test that you throw at them. So, you need to be able to find a middle ground that is just the right number for you to be able to develop trust. Once you manage to find someone you can trust and you need to make sure that you allow them to count on you whenever they need you because trust is something that always works both ways.

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