How Much Water Do Our Bodies Really Need?
November 7, 2021
Rebecca Rodriguez

It seems like everywhere we look, more and more people are carrying around oversized water bottles. You may even call it the latest trend. People will often tell you that they carry their water bottles with them everywhere to make sure they’re getting enough H2O throughout their day. Even celebrities have been spotted lugging around huge water bottles, like Kendall Jenner and Olivia Wilde. This is definitely something we like to see and gives us more inspiration to drink more water. We are all guilty of forgetting to drink water. We know staying hydrated is important, but how much water do we actually need?

One of the leading immunologists and functional medicine doctors and the author of The Immnotype Breakthrough, Dr. Heather Moday explains, “Hydration is absolutely crucial for optimal health because all of our cells require water to transport nutrients and to remove toxins and waste. However, just drinking water is not going to prevent health problems.” It’s important to replace lost fluids due to sweating, going to the bathroom, or just breathing. You can grab a cute water bottle so you’ll be more inclined to reach for it before you leave the house. It’s even more important to replace those fluids on hot days when more water is being lost. Besides for replacing fluids, drinking more water helps keep your skin looking healthy, and could also help you in making better food choices.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Valeriia Sviridova

Moday says, “If you are dehydrated on a regular basis, your body will prioritize water for more vital functions in the body leaving skin looking dry. And although drinking water will not miraculously make you lose weight, it can help curb your appetite slightly when you are hungry by stimulating receptors in the stomach making you feel more full. This ultimately may help you cut back on calories, Often when you are feeling hungry you may just need a drink of water.” But when it comes to how much water to be drinking daily, the 8 cups a day isn’t fit for everyone. It depends on your activity level, body weight, and weather. According to Moday, a great way to calculate this based on your needs is to consume half of your body weight in ounces. Overall, listen to your body and stay hydrated.

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