How Skipping Everyday Transforms Your Body
March 5, 2022
Claire Miles

You may not think it but your old childhood game could actually help you lose weight and transform your body. That’s right, we are talking about skipping. Yes, this exercise may seem like child’s play but have you tried skipping for more than 10 minutes? It’s a workout that targets your entire body. It just might not look like it. Here’s how skipping every day can transform your body.

Skilling is a great exercise that can improve your cardio fitness. While skipping, you are continuously jumping which requires more blood and oxygen to work through your body to work your muscles. This then increases your heart rate. If you skip every day, you will in turn strengthen your heart and improve your lung capacity. Most workouts only target specific areas. But with jumping rope, you can look forward to a full-body workout. Skipping requires work from your lower body and upper body. While skipping your will be using your thighs calves, shoulders, and biceps. With these major muscle groups at work, you build muscle strength and endurance which in turn will allow you to work out for longer periods of time.

Getty Images/EyeEm/Olga Shevtsova

While working out you expect to burn calories. Well, you will be pleased to know that jumping rope is a great way to achieve this. Now you should also know that you will need to skip long periods of time in order to see results. For starters, you can try 7 minutes at first and then work your way up. Skipping daily also helps with your coordination. That’s right, this is a result of your arms and legs working together to perform a task. Once you get comfortable you can increase your speed. You see that skipping isn’t just some childhood game you use to pay for. There are some real health benefits to this workout. Do keep in mind that with any type of workout you will need to be consistent and healthy.

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