How to Avoid Winter Cold and Flu
February 8, 2023
Laura Lee

With winter comes sniffing noses, runny eyes, and scratchy throats. Tissues from the previous year nestled in the coat pockets are evidence of the cold and flu epidemic which accompanies the winter season. The young and old are the most vulnerable to the freezing weather. Fear of the common cold, especially in the winter season, is at an all time high in the post Covid 19 pandemic world, so keeping your family safe and healthy is more important than ever. The single best way to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from the winter cold and flu is to remain as warm and wrapped up as possible at all times. However, it is not possible to stay nestled under blankets or cooped up in front of the heater inside your house throughout the season. Responsibilities and recreation beckons, and simply a moment’s slip can make you vulnerable to illness. Going out in the wind to answer the door with wet hair, or running across a tiled floor barefoot is all it needs to catch a cold. So here are a few tips to avoid cold and flu in the winter.

Getty Images/Moment/ SimpleImages

Keep your hands clean – as touching infected surfaces or coughing or sneezing in your hands is the quickest way to catch an infection. This is also why it is best to avid touching your face and keeping your surfaces clean. Prioritize sleep – the easiest task in winters is to rest your body under a heavy blanket. Sleep makes the immune system strong.

Eat a balanced diet – as it promotes growth and development and strengthens the immune system. Stay active – exercise regulates the immune system by stimulating the white blood cells to keep infections at bay. Practice social distancing – common cold and flu are spreading and infectious diseases which can easily be caught through other people. Keeping a safe distance from infected people ensures optimal protection.

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