How To Declutter Your Mind
December 16, 2022
Alexandra Wade

When your mind is cluttered with unnecessary tension and burden, along with negative thoughts, low self-esteem, worrying about things outside your control, holding on to negative experiences that fuels anger and resentment, and prioritizing a mental to-do list full of incomplete and long-term goals which are long into the future, it wastes your time and energy and also creates confusion and disorganization. This article presents some ways to release yourself from these negative clutches and reach your full potential, but for that, your attention and energy need to be intentional, which requires immense strength and bravery.

Get some sleep – lack of sleep can lead to ‘brain fog’ – the inability to think straight or remember anything. This also leads to irritation and mental lapses. So the first step to creating a healthy routine is to get a peaceful and long sleep at night. Meditate – this is a way of figuring out what exactly is troubling you and cluttering your mind. During mediation, clarity is the natural and effortless state of mind, which helps in clearing confusion and reducing distraction. Write – transfer your thoughts on paper so you have further clarity of your emotions and feelings, and when you are ready, browse your writings to look for patterns and try to pin the roots of your problems. It also allows you relief from the responsibility of having to remember your thoughts, emotions, and events.

Reduce Multitasking – multitasking reduces productivity and causes unnecessary stress by filling your mind with too much activity and thoughts and instructions to remember. Focus on one task at a time to avoid a mental overload. Challenge Negativity – Be aware of how you talk to yourself and look out for red flags, for example, if you have a tendency to victimize yourself or blame yourself for everything, and then try to change your mindset by challenging yourself.

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