How to Exfoliate Your Entire Body
April 17, 2022
Claire Miles

We all know that you have to exfoliate your face. There are actually a wide variety of skincare routines dedicated to exfoliating your face. This is because when you exfoliate you are actually helping your skin get rid of any dead skins and it helps you open pores. Now many people don’t know this but you can actually exfoliate your entire body. That’s right, this has actually been done for decades and in some cultures, it is considered to be standard practice. With that said, here is how you can exfoliate your entire body. Do note that methods might change depending on your skin type.

A full-body exfoliation means getting rid of any dead or dry skin on your entire body. There are a few things you will need when exfoliating your entire body. You will need a body scrub that is fit for your skin type, you will need a body brush that doesn’t have bristles that are too harsh on your skin, then you will need a body wash, a cleaner and finally you will need a moisturizer. Now don’t worry, if you don’t have all these things you don’t have to go out of your way to get them. Try to use what you have before going out to get something.

Getty Images/ Image Source/GretaMarie

When exfoliating your entire body you will start off with your ordinary shower or bath whichever you prefer. Then you will move on to using your body scrub. Try getting it all over your body and actually working it on the surface of your skin. Many scrubs can be really rough which is what they are intended to be but try to be really light so you don’t scratch your skin. Next, you can go ahead and give your body a rinse. Once you are all dried off you will then use the cleanser and moisturizer. You see it’s really not too hard to exfoliate your entire body.

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