How To Find Love
June 16, 2022
Claire Miles

Love is a very sweet and euphoric feeling, it is a feeling of affection between spouses and lovers. True love is hard to find but it is the most amazing and strong emotion humankind has ever felt. Love is very unexpected, people we think don’t matter to us become the people we love and care deeply about. You can find love where you least expect it and love can change us in ways no one can expect. It helps us to change for the person we love dearly and be a better version of ourselves. Growing up we have received the love in many ways, from our parents, from friends, from teachers, and from siblings.

Love comes to you when you need it the most and makes you believe in happy endings. We have seen our parents still madly in love till today and we wonder will our love be like this or are we going to find true love ever? Love is found where closeness, protectiveness, affection, and trust have strong relationships with you. Many of us have left the desire to find true love because we are scared of heartbreak. We are scared to open up to someone and show our passion and our true self to others. But we don’t understand that the journey of love is very difficult and not always with flowers and chocolates but needs trust and understanding to overcome the difficulties.

Getty Images/Westend61

Love is not only about loving their perfect self but also about embracing the flaws and shortcomings of the person, having the courage to accept them for who they are, and being proud of who you are. God has given us love as a blessing to humankind, without love nobody could survive in this harsh world. Love gives us the strength to face our fears and flaws.

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