How To Get In More Exercise Every Day
May 3, 2020
Laura Lee

With gyms closed and many people quarantined at home, we don’t get the amount of exercise we did in the past or that we need. Several times in the passing week alone, as I got in bed, I realized I barely moved that day. Between working from home and binging your favorite shows, it’s easy to neglect that aspect of our lives. Well, it’s time to stop that and get back in it. Luckily, adding more movement into your day can be incredibly simple, and here’s how you do it.

Getty Images/ Cultura/ Manuela

The first thing you can do is turn TV time to exercise time. Chances are that, like me, you watched a whole lot more of TV recently. So, if you want to add some movement to your day, use this time to incorporate it into your day. Do push-ups or sit-ups on the floor, or tricep dips with your coffee table. Even if for only 10-15 minutes, this is a great way to move more during the day.


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