How To Get Over Friendship Breakups
October 24, 2022
Laura Lee

We all know how certain we question the presence of certain people in our lives. Sometimes we are so attached to the idea of a person and his presence that when the person leaves we feel a certain void in our lives. Living with that void gets a little too suffocating, however, it is important to realize in those times that certain people are not here for the good and it is best to eliminate them.

Friendship breakups hurt the most. As the famous quotes go friendship breakups hurt more than romantic relationships however with time we do realize that certain things weren’t meant to be. Recent research has shown that it is considered that people who are successful in their romantic relationships are keener to succeed in life, however, this assumption is totally wrong. Trauma issues can be closely observed in the pattern of friendships. The major difference between friendships and relationship breakups is that friendship breakups are talked about very less. They are not given the apt attention that they deserve.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Hill Street Studios

Research conducted claims that from a very young age movies and shows have only portrayed romantic relationships in which the protagonist is severely affected- however, when friendship breakups occur, people do not even know how to respond and how to process their feelings. They have never thought of friendships as a means of breaking hearts. The best way to deal with a friendship breakup is to acknowledge the hurt that it has caused you. This is the best way to let all your emotions out. If you want to feel sad you can and also try talking to a therapist. Furthermore, many people go through the emotions of shame as they think the friendship not working was because of their fault. It is important to acknowledge that it was no one’s fault.

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