How To Not Drop Your Friends When You Enter A Relationship
September 2, 2018
Alexandra Wade

We always say that no man could ever come between us and our besties, but all of that unfortunately often changes once we enter a new relationship…

We fall madly in love and sometimes forget about our friends for our new partner. We stop and ask ourselves if were ditching our friends, but quickly convince ourselves that there’s no possible way we could do such a thing.  Plus even if we were putting our new relationship first, our friends would totally get it and be happy for us, right?

Well, not quite. As you make room for a new romance in your life, it’s valuable to figure out what your new routine with your friends looks like too.  It can be useful to even have a talk about it with your friends and find ways to make sure that you will stay close no matter what changes are entering your life.

Whether it be ladies night, karaoke night or any kind of tradition you have with your best buds, make sure to keep it. Of course it’s nice to have your friends get to know your partner, but when it’s special friend time, it’s not the time.  And don’t spend time with your friends only when your partner is busy.  Your friends deserve to be a priority too.

When you’re spending time with your partner, it can be rather tempting and easy to just let your phone ring and go to voicemail. You can always call or text your friend back and that’s completely fine. But if it gets to the point where you became entirely unavailable to your friends when you enter a new relationship, that’s a problem.

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