How To Style A Sun Hat
April 1, 2022
Alexandra Wade

Sun hats are an all-time summer must-have. This is because you tend to spend more time out and about in the sun. Now if you experience really hot summers or go on vacation to a place where the sun is scorching, a sun hat will be a great help. Now even though you are trying to protect yourself and your skin from the sun it can be hard to style a sun hat. After all sun hats do tend to be big and can come off as bulky. So how do you style this fashion accessory? Well simply take a look.

There is a great rule to styling oversized fashion accessories. This will be to keep your outfits as simple as possible. With that in mind, you should be able to easily come up with an outfit that will be both functional and stylish. Remember that your sun hat should be the main attraction so everything that you plan on pairing with it should complement it but not take away from your look. Now, this doesn’t mean that you should look dull and bland. You can still spice up your look.

Getty Images/Onoky/Letizia Le Fur

A cute summer dress is always a win in the fashion books. You don’t have to buy anything extravagant. When looking for a summer dress you will notice that there are a number of different options available to you. You can go with something plain in color like white or you can go with something that’s floral. It is all up to you. A simple summer dress will go perfectly with your oversized or medium-sized sun hat.

Even though a sun hat is a fashion accessory, you will probably want to add more accessories to your look. Now don’t worry, you definitely can. All you need to remember is to keep things as simple as you can. You could add a cute necklace and pair it with a variety of different earrings if you would like. When it comes to handbags you really have a lot of options available to you.

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