How to Style Plaid
April 24, 2022
Jade Kerr

Plaid much like any fabric or pattern can sometimes be hard to style. Now don’t worry there are a few great ways that you can stay that plaid top in your closet. Plaid is generally seen as something you can wear in the fall. But if you know what to pair it with, you won’t need to only keep it for the colder months. After all, this trendy fabric was seen in the hit movie “Clueless.”

With plaid being a fabric, you can find it on a number of different accessories. This includes handbags, hats, and even headbands. If you are afraid to start off with such a bold pattern, it would be best to start off small. Plaid accessories are a great way to incorporate them into your style without it being too much. You could honestly have a plaid accessory as your pop of color to your outfit. The oversized aesthetic has never gone out of fashion. You may be worried about looking a bit too country. But the oversized look will definitely give off chic and sexy instead of a countryside farm girl.

Getty Images/Eyeem/ María Soledad Kubat

To bring this look to life, it’s always best to go with a cute oversized blazer. Try not to go too big otherwise, it can just look like you are drowning. You can then pair your plaid blazer with almost anything including jeans and even a pair of slacks. Plaid comes in a variety of colors and not just your usual black and red. Don’t be afraid to add a few bold colors to your look. Yes, that means going a bit neutral with the rest of your look but one part of your outfit has to be the stand-out. Speaking of mixing it up, you could also mix up, you can mix big plaids and small ones. This may seem like a bit much especially if you aren’t used to it but it can really work.

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