How Volleyball Can Help You Tone Up
February 16, 2022
Andrew Parker

Do you remember playing volleyball in high school? Well, that physical activity you might have dreaded can actually help you tone up. After all, this isn’t just a fun high school sport. Have you seen professional volleyball players? Now yes, you don’t play can’t play volleyball all day every day, and expect results, you need a balanced diet too.

It is said that while playing volleyball you can burn hundreds of calories. It may not look like it but volleyball uses your entire body. Volleyball is an intense sport that uses a variety of different body parts. This includes your legs, thighs, arms, and upper body. So while you may think that this is just a fun sport, it’s actually a full-body workout. With volleyball, you don’t have to spend hours in the gym doing hundreds of squats to get toned legs, the sport does it for you. This sport needs you to have speed, agility, strength, and quick reflexes. A game of volleyball usually lasts for 25 minutes, this means that you are using every muscle in your legs to move for 25 minutes.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Chris Tobin

The stomach region is usually everyone’s pain point when it comes to fitness. We spend hours doing crunches, sit–up and planks. Now, these are great but they can become extremely boring after a while. During a game of volleyball, you use your entire abdomen to power your body. Without a powerful core, you are able to jump higher and hit harder. Now on to your arms. As you know during a game of volleyball your arms are used a lot. You will be trying to hit a ball just over a pound. Not only will you be trying to hit a heavy ball while it’s still in the air you are also attempting to get it over the dividing line. It’s safe to say that volleyball truly does use all your major muscle groups.

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