How Would I Look Back On It?
November 9, 2020
Claire Miles

As you may already know, last September I started working at a new job. It was a long process and journey, which is still going. I have learned and developed a lot during my time there, and to this day, I have a lot of ups and downs each day. In the past, the downs used to paralyze me. It would dramatically affect me, to a point in which I would consider dropping everything and leaving. Now, I feel like I handle them better, but they still affect me deeply. In this field of work, everything changes constantly – nothing is certain and hardly stays the same. And my mood and attitude are the same. There are times in which I am excited and enjoy coming to work, but on other days, and lately, most of them, I wake up with a bad attitude and a complete lack of motivation or will to go to work.

This feeling isn’t new to me. Throughout most of last year, I also felt unsatisfied and like this job wasn’t for me. It was so hard for me that I was supposed to leave this job back in August. However, in a surprising turn of events, I had a change of heart and decided to stay. Unfourtenetly, in plenty of days recently, I find myself regretting the decision I made and wish I could take it back. In those moments, I try to look at everything from a different perspective. I try to think about how I’ll view look back on this time a few years from now. When this thought comes to my mind, my view immediately changes. I think about all the skills I collected and the lessons I learned. I think about how this experience made me a better person. So, looking back, I think that I would look back at this time fondly. I recommend you try using this outlook. If you go through something that doesn’t always feel great, try to ask yourself, how would you look back on it. Maybe it will help you see it differently.

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