Humor Among Couples
July 27, 2022
Jade Kerr

One of the most desired qualities in a life partner is a sense of humor. It turns out that being able to laugh at the same things strengthens your relationship even more. Most often, individuals say they want a partner with a sense of humor, but that’s a very general statement. There isn’t a substantial correlation between relationship happiness and people finding you hilarious or able to create a joke out of anything. The laughter that couples produce together is something that is closely correlated with relationship satisfaction. For something to be humorous, you don’t have to be an award-winning stand-up comedian or find it amusing when others do it. It matters that you and your partner find the same things amusing, whether they are quirky indie films, silly internet memes, or an episode of FRIENDS.

Your relationship benefits from having a strong foundation owing to your shared sense of humor. It serves as a source of connection and emotional safety. It is fair to think that if you meet someone with whom you can laugh, it may indicate that your relationship will be fun and full of energy in the future. A sense of humor is often seen as improving one’s attractiveness. This idea demonstrates why we find someone who is easy-going and humorous more appealing than someone who is attractive but lacks the ability to have fun or a sense of humor.  Laughter and a profound sense of humor among couples can surely lead to couples deeply understanding what the other person is and gaining their trust and compassion.

Getty Images/PhotoAlto Agency RF Collections/Frederic Cirou

You can fan the flame for an endlessly joyous relationship by laughing together frequently since sharing a laugh is like lighting a spark. When we realize how profoundly laughing affects the level of happiness and intimacy we can feel in our relationships, we realize that laughing is actually no joke. The potential we have to get closer and happier as a group and the prospects for good humor are actually limitless. The invitation is the same whether you are with someone you already find funny or whether humor is in low supply in your relationship.

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