I Cheated On My Boyfriend
August 5, 2018
Jade Kerr

I wasn’t sure if I should write this or not. I didn’t want people to be disappointed by me, or view me negatively. But then at the same time, I want to share what i’ve learnt in life, and the mistakes i’ve made to help others do better.

So here I am, about to share with you the reason why I cheated on my boyfriend.

I know that cheating is wrong, no matter the circumstances are, and I truly am sorry to everyone who I let down. But i’m still going to share with you why I felt like I had no choice but to do so, to cheat.

After almost five years of being faithful to the same man, I cheated on him. The thing is though, that i’ve never actually met him in person. We communicate with each other only over the phone and over the internet.  

This may have you wondering why I still consider this cheating, if we never before had a physical relationship. Well, if you’re not in an online relationship, then great question.

If you’re in such a relationship, you cheat when you’re in love with someone that you’ve never met before. You want so badly to be in their arms, but somehow, it never works to actually meet. You start to loose your mind and all your feel is the glass through the screen when you reach in to give a kiss.

When my boyfriend and I stopped communicating for two weeks, my mind was conflicted. Part of me missed the person he was, and the other part of me told me that I was finally free to explore, so I followed my heart and ignored my desire to stay in the relationship. I went out and explored my options. I cheated on him.

I’m owning up to it, and I know that no one is perfect.

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