I Stopped Dating For 30 Days
July 16, 2018
Alexandra Wade

There was a moment in my life that led me to decide to take a break from dating for 30 days. It was breaking point, when I was so incredibly let down by him. I wanted to give my love life a form of a detox.  I couldn’t stay in this crazy cycle of dating, and I needed to give myself some me time.

Perhaps it sounds rather rash, but I figured that giving myself a month to enjoy just being single could be real good for my heart and soul. I hoped that I would get more clarity in this period and be able to understand more what was most important to me in a relationship.

At first, I won’t lie, it wasn’t so easy, seen as i’m super social and flirty. But I managed to hang low and make small talk with acquaintances.  I danced and gave my eyes a needed rest.

I already felt better the next morning. I felt a sense of freedom and liberation. I deleted every single dating app from my phone, I ignored all text messages. I politely smiled back at those that looked at me, rather than staring back. Whenever I was approached, I would redirect the attention to my friends.

I felt more confident than I ever have, and no longer felt the need to be validated by others. I was no longer wasting my precious free evenings with guys I wasn’t even interested in.

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