I Was The Other Woman
July 11, 2018
Alexandra Wade

I never thought I would be the other woman.  Love between you and me has rules. Is this even what love is? I ask myself this same question every single day.

I can only text you at work, when she’s not around. I know that you block my number when you’re with her because you’re afraid my name will pop up on your screen, and she will catch you.

We can’t actually ever meet in person because I know that you worry someone who knows the two of you will see you with another girl.

Reality really hit me for the first time when I saw a picture of the two of you together. I saw how much she loved you when she looked at you. I could see it in her eyes.

Well, all I have to say is, what a poor girl. A girl who thinks her boyfriend has always been faithful to her. A girl who thinks her partner is honest with her at all times, and that he would never betray her.

I wish she knew everything you said to me. I feel guilty. I feel angry. I’m sorry that I was the other woman. We met at the wrong time, and it’s over. There is no more any what if’s or someday, there will never a good time for us to be together.

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