I Wonder If She Thinks of Me
August 5, 2020
Jade Kerr

I wonder if she thinks of me. I wonder if when you two meet up in your sketchy motel, does she knows I exist. Does she smell my perfume under your cologne? Does she see the remaining lipstick I left on your lip from when I kissed you in the morning? Does she know that I bought you that shirt that she tossed on the floor? That I am the reason that you have to hide and run away from everything and everyone?

via Pexels

I wonder if she thinks of me when I text you, and you drop everything to be with me.¬†Does she know that it was me who texted you? Or do you lie to her and say it’s someone else? Does she wish that she could fill such an important place in your life? Did you promise her she would? Does she count on it? Does she know that when you’re with her, you can’t help but think of me? That I am always at the back of your mind? That I am the one that you end up next to abs wake up to in the morning?

I wonder if she knows I exist. And if she does, does she know who I am? Does she wonder? Am I living rent-free in her head, and she can’t seem to escape me? Has she ever looked for clues? Went over all his social media accounts to look for me? Does she know that I know she exists? That I know what happens behind closed doors? Does she know that up until not long ago, I had no idea she existed? Does she know I stumbled around her texts on her phone? Does she know that I was the one who deleted it? I wonder if she thinks of me because I can’t stop thinking about her.

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