If Everyone Else Is Living Their Best Life
July 14, 2019
Laura Lee

If you feel like you are the only one out there not living your best life right now, then stop, take a breath, and remind yourself of all of these important things.  First of all, worry about yourself and only yourself. Who cares what the rest of the world is doing on Instagram? Comparison never got anywhere anywhere, ever.

Constantly comparing yourself to others will only suck out all of the joy in your life, and will keep you from ever being truly happy and complete with yourself. Compare yourself to yourself – to who you are right now and to who you want to eventually become in your own journey, keeping everyone else out of the equation.

Even if someone appears to have the perfect life, you never really know what’s going on in reality. People only show their best, edited photos. No one is posting pictures of the struggles they’re going through. You may have convinced yourself that you want to be them, but you have no idea what kind of things they have to deal with every day. 

No matter what happens, the grass will always appear to be greener on the other side, even if it’s not. Everyone has their own issues, regardless of how perfect they may seem on paper. And what is perfect anyway? It’s what you’ve made it out to be in your mind – but it doesn’t really exist. Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing, stop wasting your precious life and energy when you could be spending it investing in yourself and your own goals. 

Celebrate being you and your individuality, stop trying to be someone that you aren’t, there is no perfect cookie cutter that you should fit in it, there is no timeline for successes and milestones that you need to meet. 

Even if everyone around you is getting married, having kids and buying homes – it might not be right for you at this very moment. Accept that. 

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