If He Wants You, He Will Pursue You
November 8, 2018
Jade Kerr

Contrary to what you may think as to why a man is not pursuing you enough, the ultimate and actual reason is quite simple. He’s just not into you enough, and this needs to be settled once and for all.

He is not shy. He is not intimidated by you. If a man wants you and is interested in you, he will go the distance. Nothing will stand in his way.  For a man, it is very important for him to be the one to initiate in the relationship. It’s a part of his manly-hood. He wants to take on the challenge, and conquer it.

Men love the chase. He will go after what he wants. If he is not, he is not interested in you.  They can make excuses upon excuses as to why they aren’t going after you. They will tell you anything and will lie as much as they need to in order to prevent harsh feelings. He will say that he’s busy and overloaded with work lately.

You need to stop chasing after someone who is not ready to be there for you and give you the attention you’re craving.  Stop chasing someone who isn’t make the effort to talk to you.

Don’t let a man play around with your feelings and your mind.  You should be confident enough with yourself, and know your self-worth. A man shows you who he is by how he dates, the way he communicates with you, and attempts to impress you.

A man that wants you will pursue you each and every single day.  You deserve to be with a man that shows you that he cares about you, and that will never leaving you hanging or confused about what’s going on between the two of you.

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