If No One Texted You Good Morning
June 4, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Woke up this morning hoping, praying, crossing your fingers that you would get a cute ‘good morning baby’ text to make your day? And then you suddenly, didn’t? Been there.

You were so upset and bummed out about it that it completely ruined your day. You thought about it literally nonstop, talked to everyone about it, huffed and puffed, didn’t focus in class, probably failed your test, checked his last seen status like 57 times, stalked his Facebook profile way too many times to see what he might have done last night, and even considered texting his friends to see if he’s ok. We get it, it sucks. But CHILL girl! Seriously.

Maybe he will text you later on in the day. And if he does so, great. But any guy who does not think about you first thing in the morning probably doesn’t deserve you. Just like how you think about him as soon as you wake up and are dying to talk to him and let him know you’re missing him, he should too. Why should there be any kind of double standard?

Don’t you want him to be excited to talk to you and show you that you’re important to him? To show an interest in your day and spark up a conversation from morning to night? Maybe see if you’re available for a date after work? Yes, of course, that’s what you want.

But you’re too afraid to ask for it because you don’t believe that you’re worthy. So instead, you spend your day sobbing over the guy that actually really is not worth it.  Think about all the other people in your life that absolutely adore texting you and keeping in constant touch, that care about you and are always checking in on you. Those are the kinds of people you want to bring into your life, even if it is your mother and your best childhood friend.

Good guys do exist. The guy that will text you love poems every morning does exist. You just haven’t found him yet. So please, don’t settle for anything less.

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