If You Aren’t Over Him
February 16, 2020
Ariella Jacobs

If you aren’t yet over him – that’s okay. You’ve surely tried everything possible to delete him from your memory, removing his number from your phone, erasing all your chats, blocking him on every social media platform, throwing out all things that remind you of him. You also can’t even remember the last time you talked to him – completely sticking to your no communication rule as you enter this journey of getting over him. But in the meantime, it seems like nothing is working, at all. It feels like all those broken pieces of your heart will never be fixed, or at least not in the same way that they once were.

It’s like all those past memories haven taken over you, and you have no control over any of it. It’s as though that without you, you are completely hopeless and without purpose. It feels like this will always be the case, and that you will never really love again. As much as it’s hard to believe and to be optimistic in this difficult time, you have to know that what you’re going through now is temporary, and things will get better. One day, whenever that may be, however long it may take you, you will stop thinking about him so much, and your heart will be healed. You will one day understand why it didn’t work out with this person, and you will be grateful for it too. 

You will start new adventures for yourself, and start to write new chapters of your story. You will start to discover yourself, and feel more comfortable and confident in your own skin. You will find someone else and will realize that he was very replaceable. Perhaps he was special and will always have a place in your heart, but you will learn to be better off without him. You will learn that at the end of the day, you really only need yourself. Right now though? If you’re not yet over him, that’s ok. Let the process play its course.

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