If You Ever Feel Like You Can’t Do Anything
July 1, 2021
Claire Miles

M At many times throughout my life, especially when I was younger, I doubted myself. I would constantly find reasons to bring myself down and convince myself I’m not good enough or that I can’t accomplish something. Unfourtanetly, I can’t remember a time in which it wasn’t like that. I can’t remember a time from my past in which I believed in myself and my abilities. I don’t know what it was that resulted in me acting this way. I would tame myself, hold myself back, all because I thought that it would satisfy others. Not only did it fail to do that, but it also didn’t satisfy or benefit me.

via Pexels

Instead – as I wrote above – for most of my life, I walked around the world with the feeling that I can’t accomplish or achieve anything. I remember this one time in high school in which students were asked to volunteer to perform at the graduation ceremony. Although I loved singing and performing, I held myself back because I believed I would fail. I stopped myself from doing something I loved and enjoyed because I didn’t believe in myself. However, as the years went by, I adopted a different approach and point of view. An approach that helped me regain some more confidence.

See, what I had told myself was: “If you ever feel like you can’t do anything, look back and think about everything that you had already done.” Telling myself that helped in completely changing my former mindset. I tended to pull myself down, hold myself back from many things out of fear, and lack self-belief. This new mantra helped me believe in myself, as it reminded me of everything I had already achieved. Even the smallest of things, which seem so insignificant, is actually just the opposite. These are still achievements that we made, magnificent ones, and we should not let ourselves forget them. You have achieved so much more than you can ever imagine. So, the next time you encounter a situation like this, in which you are not sure of your abilities, believe in yourself. You have already done more than that in your past.

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