If You Talk The Talk, Walk The Walk
August 28, 2021
Alexandra Wade

Growing up, my sister had strict rules regarding almost everything. But, one thing she was extremely protective over were her clothes. She never allowed anyone to borrow her clothes, and if I happened to like or want something from her closet, I had to ask her permission for it. I remember this one time when my sister wasn’t at home, and I couldn’t reach her anywhere. My friend was throwing a party that night, and this sequin mini dress from my sister’s closet drew my eye. As I said, I didn’t manage to contact my sister anywhere, so I took the dress. “What’s the harm,” I thought. Well, when I returned home, my sister showered me with yells and curses, and I made sure never to repeat this mistake.

And so I did. My sister made it very clear that if someone wanted to borrow clothes from someone else, they had to ask for permission. And, as I mentioned, I respected her request. However, not too long after that incident, something surprising happened. One day, I returned home to find my sister wearing one of my cardigans – without getting my permission for it. Of course, I was surprised. How could my sister, who had talked so much about the matter, who had preached so much on this issue – she didn’t follow her own rules. After all this time in which she told us no one in our home should take someone else’s clothes without asking first – she went ahead and did it herself. It was so disappointing. If you believe in something so strongly and stick by it all this time, how could you betray your principles so fast? If someone asks me to do something, to follow a certain rule or guideline, I expect them to do the same. I know I certainly do. If you talk the talk, you better walk the walk.

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