If Your Friend Is In A Toxic Relationship
July 18, 2018
Alexandra Wade

When it comes to our friends, we will always be on their side  – no matter what.  And when our friend’s partner does not treat them in the way they deserve, we should let our friends know.

It doesn’t mean that I expect my friend to break up with the guy because of a comment that I made about his behavior, but it’s the duty of a good friend to support our friend. But if you really think that your friend is in a toxic relationship, then things can get a little more complicated than just making a comment in passing.

We know that we care about our friends deeply, but we also have to keep in mind that we don’t know every single that thing that goes on in the relationship and how they are feeling. It’s very easy to present our beliefs and biases, but they are not you.
But if you really think that your friend is unhappy in her relationship (and not just because you wouldn’t be happy with her partner), then there is a way to nicely express that.
You can express to your friend that you are concerned because you care about them, and that what’s most important to you is their happiness and that you just wanted to share your views, but that you completely understand that this is their relationship.

No matter how loving and caring you may be though, they are likely to shut you down and get defensive.  If you think that your friend is being abused, they may be in serious denial and may also fear for their safety.  You should never try to force anything out of them, just make it clear that you care for them and that your door is always open if they need anything.

Choose your words carefully, and speak from your heart.

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