If Your Phone Could Talk
April 14, 2019
Ariella Jacobs

Although many of us like to joke around, saying that our smartphone is our best friend, what if it really was? What if our iPhone truly cared for us, and could talk to us? What if our phone held helpful interventions for us whenever it noticed that something was wrong, just like our best girl friends?

Think about all the personal content your phone contains – starting from just your notepad. In most cases, our phone would surely detect at least some kind of issue if it were to read all of our secret thoughts and reminders that we wrote to ourselves.

Our phones know more about our weird habits than anyone else, and about all of our addictions, whether it be opening and re opening social media over and over again, the texts we type out and then delete, and then retype out, and of course all of the hilarious no-make up, silly selfies we take and then delete.

So if our phone could talk to us, it would probably tell us to calm down and stop taking ourselves so seriously. To stop trying to filter out our lives to make it look perfect, and to stop scrolling through our own Instagram profile to no end and watching our own stories endlessly. To stop trying to be Instafamous because it’s just a lost cause.

Your phone might also tell you to give them some peace and quiet here and there, and that there’s really no need to be so obsessed with them.  Maybe they will also tell you how much they love and appreciate you, but that they still nonetheless wouldn’t mind some space.

Our phone of course can’t really talk to us (other than siri when we ask her too), perhaps thinking it can could lead to some healthier habits.

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