If You’re Feeling Stuck In Your Career
August 3, 2019
Alexandra Wade

Choosing a career isn’t something we should take lightly. It is, in most cases, a life-long process that involves a great deal of time and money. A career is a part of our lives we hope to get right the first time. We spend most of our day at work. We define ourselves by what we do, and it determines us. Our lifestyle, purposes, goals, and relationships, among other things, are affected by our work. So, in short, we can’t afford to get it wrong.

But, are we prepared to when things don’t work out? I heard a few of my friends complain that they feel stuck in their careers, and feel like they are going nowhere, and asked for my advice. But what can I say? What can you do when you find yourself dissatisfied with your career? See, changing jobs is easy, but changing careers is a whole other story.

The truth is there isn’t a fix for this situation, but there are a few helpful reminders that might help you recall why you chose this in the first place.

Rediscover your passion for your profession. You chose your career path for a reason. Revisit those reasons, thus reminding yourself why you chose this career out of the alternatives out there.

Focus on what you love about your job and work on what you hate. Identifying what you love and what you hate about our job can help you a great deal. Once you find the things you love about your work, focus on them and run with it. Simultaneously, work on fixing the aspects of your career that you hate. Once you identify them, explore where your dislike stems from and think of ways to change it.

Balance your work with your personal life. Sometimes we spend too much of our time over our career and it makes us despise it for taking all of our time and interests. Learn how to prioritize the things in your life correctly, seek a balance.

Be the best at what you do. Once you are the best at what you do, and you receive good feedback and appreciation for your work, you feel satisfied. There is nothing more¬†exhilarating than knowing you are valued, and that others know, like you, how much you’re worth.

I hope this might help you find your love for your profession again. If not, then you really have to consider your possibilities and options. I wish you all nothing but luck!

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