Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life Reviewed
April 15, 2023
Penelope Trent

“Ikigai” is a Japanese word that refers to the ways through which you can spend your life with purpose and determination. This became a buzzword for a while but people seldom tried to understand what it actually meant. Ikigai gives great attention to a person’s relationship with their own self. It urges us to explore our thoughts and feelings to find the real purpose that rests within.

Ikigai: The Japanese Secret To A Long And Happy Life is a book written by Francesc Miralles that takes us through the Japanese suburban village of Okinawa. The residents of this village are one of the longest living people on earth. They take us through their reason for waking up everyday and living with a purpose. We review this book to help you find your own “ikigai” or the reason for living a fulfilled and happy life.

Getty Images/Moment/ Oscar Wong

Miralles visited Okinawa to interview its people and experience first hand how they live and spend their days. This personal account gives it more weight and authenticity rather than the surface level information you’d get from somewhere else. These interviews are insightful and eye-opening. We recommend picking up this book if you’re struggling to get out of bed each morning. Sulking about one’s life is never the solution. The book is a short and sweet read and can quickly become your comfort book.

The novel takes us through some rules that can help you find your purpose in life. These are simple and doable rules that urge you to start small and take smaller steps towards your journey to “ikigai.” These rules include staying active throughout the day, surrounding yourself with great company, spending time with nature and its healing abilities, living in the moment and giving yourself space among others. The book also lays considerable importance on the need to care for your mental health, which is essential in today’s world.

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