I’m Done Making Excuses For You
August 15, 2018
Alexandra Wade

You keep telling me that you’re trying your best.  You keep trying to make me believe that you will change and that you want to stay more than anything. You keep showering me with presents, kisses and hugs.

You tell me to believe everything you say. And of course, I forgive you, just like I do every time. But everyone tells me otherwise. They tell me that it’s time to let go of you, of us. I have done everything and more to try to save our relationship. I have always accepted all of your excuses. You always expect me to come running back to you as though nothing happened.

I thought we were a happy couple. One that takes on the world together and breaks all the boundaries of love. I thought we were the kind of couple that can accept all of each other’s flaws and find perfection in our imperfections.  I want to forgive you again and truly believe that love is about acceptance and understanding.  But I also think that being selfless also has it’s limits.

And we both deserve a love with no excuses. I am done making excuses for you. I have to stop trying to save a relationship that isn’t worth it. I have to allow myself to feel love that doesn’t come with so much doubt and fear.

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