I’m Done Postponing Things
August 9, 2020
Laura Lee

For a long time, I battled with a lack of motivation. While now, after finding the sports that I enjoy, I can easily find the motivation to get up and practice them (at least most of them), it wasn’t always the case. About a few years ago, whenever I wanted to go out for a run or exercise, I couldn’t always collect myself and follow it through. I wanted to do it but found every reason not to. One time it was too hot, the other it was too cold, the third I just told myself that I’d do it the following day. No matter the situation, I always found a reason to avoid doing it. Then, after close to a year, I finally had enough. It was time for me to get up, get out, and exercise. That was when I began the process of finding the right sport for me, which, fortunately, was a success. However, even when I reached this point, it wasn’t smooth sailing.

via Pexels

Even when I did find the sports that I liked, it still took time and energy out of me to get up and practice them. Although I liked practicing them and enjoyed every opportunity I got to do so, I still found┬áreasons not to. It was a habit I couldn’t seem to shake. So, I decided to look deeper and find what it was that caused me to act this way, or better than, a way to end this habit of mine. So, I searched for the answer in myself. It wasn’t an easy and short process, but eventually, I came up with something I believed was the reason. What I needed to keep practicing these sports was make it a part of my routine, like a class for children. I needed to make it rules set in stone so that I wouldn’t miss a practice. And it worked. Making it a part of my daily routine helped me get out and exercise and to preserve it over time.

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