Importance of Love in Relationships
October 16, 2022
Ariella Jacobs

Mark Manson said, “Love is great. Love is necessary. But love is not enough”. To be honest, Love is one of the most difficult things to handle. And though many desires to bask in all its fullness, they lack a clear understanding of what true Love is. It can be healthy and toxic to us and sabotage us if we let this emotion define our self-worth and other relationships. We lose ourselves in the process.

In our culture today, we have a significantly “borrowed” understanding of Love from movies and novels, where Love is the band-aid to all our problems and worries. We have lofty, noble beliefs about Love as “love conquers everything.” Because of our fictitious imaginations, our relationships suffer daily, and we must pay a heavy price for it. If we understand the true meaning of love, we would be far happier and more content with our lives. Love is not an emotion but a skill that requires compassion, generosity, and many other things. Any great relationship depends on good values of trust, vulnerability, and compatibility.

Falling in Love or feeling a “spark” towards someone does not intrinsically mean that the person is good for you. A good relationship demands the investment of your heart and your mind, where your heart longs for their companionship, and your mind approves of their values, character, and ambitions. Love is not and will never be the answer to everything — as it simply is not. Love is conditional, like every other thing in life. The only constant thing is change itself. A healthy relationship is secure, where it does not entail butterflies in the stomach but instead makes you feel at home. There is so much more involved than what meets the eye.

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