Importance of Wellness in a Student’s Life
July 2, 2022
Claire Miles

Wellness plays an imperative role in determining the performance of a student. Various studies suggest that there is a correlation between the way a student performs and their physical and mental fitness. As a student, you have several opportunities which help you grow, but when you are not physically or mentally fit, you do not utilize them. This negatively impacts your growth as an individual and your self-confidence.

Several physical activities help to improve the academic performance of individuals, as they tend to improve the concentration levels of individuals. When students engage in physical activity along with academics they focus better on their studies, as the time spent in physical activities acts as a break, and helps to refresh their minds. Physical activity also helps to ensure that they are healthy, which is essential for them to focus on their studies. Along with physical activity, it is important to ensure that a student is fit mentally as well. High self-esteem plays an essential role in improving academic performance as well as participation in extracurriculars which are equally important.

Getty Images/DigitalVision/Ishii Koji

Moreover, students tend to get socially active when they are confident about themselves and don’t shy away from conversations with new people, which often results in them learning new things. They avail more opportunities that come their way, which helps to instill in them qualities like teamwork and cooperation. It is important to incorporate activities in the school curriculum that ensure the physical and mental wellness of students, as it is directly proportional to how the student is going to perform academically. Along with academic performance it also has an impact on the social skills of an individual as a physical activity often leads to a boost in self-confidence and better self-composure, both of these qualities make it easier for students to interact in social gatherings and learn from new opportunities without putting themselves down due to low self-esteem.

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