In Defense Of Brunch
June 28, 2018
Laura Lee

Ever been judged for how much money you spend on brunch, or how often you go? I sure have, and it’s really annoying. Some people just don’t understand it. Brunch is basically my religion. Brunch is not just about the food, because thank you, yes, I know I can probably very easily make the exact thing at home for less than half the price, I’ve been told. I shouldn’t have explained myself and prove why I’m entitled.

But, somehow it seems as though I do have to.  First of all, there is literally nothing better than Sunday brunch with my best friends. Even if it’s brunch alone, it’s also the greatest, most relaxing moment of the week.  Sunday brunch is a time to wind down from my hectic, fast-paced weekend, and get myself mentally ready for a new, busy and stressful week ahead of me. It’s a time for me to sit with my closest friends and catch up, laugh, take pictures and enjoy some seriously delicious food together. It makes me feel like a trendy local and like an important part of society.

It’s the time for me to seriously indulge and not care about spending over twenty dollars, two hours of minimum wage work on some eggs and toast. These eggs and toast will not only keep me full throughout the whole day due to the strategically timed late breakfast, early lunch, but will also make me feel like a princess, and will make me really happy to have a an artistically designed meal that I can post on all of my social media accounts and show everyone just how fabulous life is. And you know what, my life is pretty fabulous when I don’t have to cook or wash dishes. So now, twenty dollars on brunch doesn’t seem so bad, does it?

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