In Need of a New Direction
January 4, 2021
Alexandra Wade

When I was younger, I thought I had a clear vision regarding my future. The job I wanted to have, the family I wanted to have, the house I wanted to live in – I had a plan set in my mind for all of these details and more. Ever since high school, I have been pushing myself to fit and live up to my expectations and goals. I didn’t go easy on myself, and I sacrificed many things to stand together with my plan. Then, when it finally came time to start making my plan a reality, I suddenly wasn’t as sure as before.

via Pexels

After I enrolled in college, I suddenly wasn’t sure that the direction in which I was headed was, in fact, the right one for me. I started having doubts, which was extremely strange since I set my mind on it many years prior. It was so confusing for me. On the one hand, I felt obligated to the plan that I made years prior, while on the other hand, I wasn’t fully onboard anymore. Should I stay somewhere in which I am not completely satisfied? Or should I listen to my heart and gut telling me this is not the right path for me?

I eventually stayed a year in college before I decided to change my major. I understood that sticking to a plan, one was made years ago, was less important than finding satisfaction and enjoyment. This plan wasn’t up to date and didn’t represent how I was feeling at the time, and I ultimately decided I had to follow my gut. Now, looking back, I appreciate my decision even more. It could’ve been much easier to follow a plan than to stand against everything that was expected of me and go in a different direction. Please, follow your gut and listen to yourself. Nobody knows you better than yourself.

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