Insecurity Can Push People Away
May 24, 2019
Jade Kerr

Those that are insecure are often very jealous people and will feel very uncomfortable when their partner spends time with other people, especially when it’s someone of the opposite sex.  Even the smallest kind of interaction, whether it be a message or a quick glance, insecure people tend to feel very threatened by the smallest things.

Insecure people have an unfortunate tendency to constantly compare themselves to others, and of spending too much of their precious time looking at what other people are doing, whether it be through Facebook or Instagram stalking, constantly beating themselves up over not being as good as the rest of the world.

Those that are insecure have trouble in trusting others and are always assuming that their partner will be leaving them since they don’t believe in themselves and why someone would want to even be with them.  Insecure people are always starting drama for no reason and create scenarios in your head of arguments because those that are insecure can’t seem to see how much they are really loved.

Those that are insecure may come off to others are too needy, and are always in need of reassurance from others, especially from their partners. Those that are insecure often settle for less than what they truly deserve, and enter relationships that aren’t right for them.

Those are insecure unfortunately create distance between themselves and their partner, and it can create a lot of problems in their relationships, making them feel unloved and unvalued, even if this isn’t the reality.

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