Instagram Isn’t Real, In Case You Forgot
June 14, 2018
Alexandra Wade

Imagine what life would be like without social media? Do you think you would conduct yourself differently? Care less about what you looked like and spend less time thinking about your outfit? Maybe you might even go out a lot less and become a lot more comfortable just hanging out at home in your pyjamas. I sure would..

I think that sometimes we forget that platforms such as Instagram are not real. We don’t even realize how much we base our lives around it and how much of a black mirror we’re really living it.  We base our life decisions, such as where to go brunch, where to sit, what to order, and how to organize the table based on Instagram. Who really cares?

Instagram is where everyone posts the best versions of themselves. With expensive outfits that they spent their entire salary on, filters, photoshop, and perfectly thought out places and things they did just from the ‘gram.  Is this real life?

How did we get here? And then we spend hours upon hours flipping through these accounts of lives that wish we had and don’t understand how we don’t.  These Instagrammers with dreamy lives don’t post actual photos of them waking up in the morning. They don’t post about their fight with their boyfriend, or about their struggle about with being single. They don’t post about their family drama. They don’t post about how many hours they had to work to buy that outfit, or about their unemployment struggle.  They don’t post about how much makeup they put on or how many days they fasted before that picture. We’re all encouraged to post the best versions of ourselves.

Does having thousands of followers and likes mean were a worthy person? And if for some weird reason we don’t use social media, do we not exist? Isn’t it sad that we all feel bad about ourselves for what we don’t have, when it’s all made up anyway? True beauty is about imperfections, realness, and confidence.

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