Instead Of Texting Him
July 22, 2020
Jade Kerr

Don’t text him. You know you shouldn’t. Turn your phone on airplane mode, or better yet, just turn it off completely for that matter. Put in a drawer, and close it tight until you’re ready to take it back out for another, more useful, and healthy purpose.

Pour yourself a nice glass of red wine, or maybe just a cup of vanilla tea, and allow yourself to forget about your phone, and mainly, forget about texting him. Make yourself a nice warm bubble bath, and remind yourself that sending that text has absolutely no purpose, or at least not a good one.

He’s already moved on, investing his time and energy elsewhere to someone else who is probably rather unlucky to be with him. Write him a letter, a poem, or even an email, if you wish. But never send it, ever. Alright? Delete it, or let it sit there without him ever seeing what you’ve written about him. If you write him a letter, it’s for you and only you.  Don’t watch those romantic movies that remind you of him – stick to horror films that will only haunt you as much as he did, and remind you that life is already scary enough. 

Get swiping and matching on one of those dating apps. Talk to some people, even if you never end up meeting them. Smile every day, even if it hurts to smile.  When people ask you if you’re ok – don’t mention him, because yes, you’re fine. Get rid of the things he bought you, stop wearing them. Buy yourself something new. Do your hair and makeup. Get all dressed up. Take some selfies of your beautiful self…but never send them to him, and never go to his favorite hangout spot. Don’t look for trouble. Allow yourself to hurt and miss him. But don’t text him…please. 

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