Is It True Love?
April 9, 2022
Laura Lee

Are you a romantic looking for true love? Now we aren’t talking about the love written in fairytales. We are talking about actual true love. But what really is true love. You see there isn’t a true definition for this term because well everyone views love differently. However, there are ways that you can tell if it’s really love or simply infatuation. Please do keep in mind that if you do feel you are in love that you should follow your heart and your head. Don’t let anyone tell you differently.

Love is more than just physical attraction and you will hear many people say that so what is it then right? Well, to start off it should be a friendship. When you spend time with your person it should really feel like you are spending tie with a friend you have known for your entire life. Yes, you don’t want them to treat you like a friend because you are essentially more than just friends. But having that baseline of friendship can truly help you as a couple in the long run with things such as hard conversations. One thing all couples are tested by is hard times.

Getty Images/Moment/ Artur Debat

By this we mean those horrible moments when you just aren’t seeing eye to eye with your partner and it feels like it’s going to last a lifetime. However, you should know that it truly won’t but how you handle it tells you if it’s true love or not. Now yes everyone handles situations differently however, how they go about handling it really sets the tone for your relationship and ultimately your partnership. Being with someone means that you are able to fully trust them. You should actually be able to trust them with your entire life. Now with that said, you will truly be able to tell if it’s true love once you can fully trust your partner without a single doubt.

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