Items That Never Go Out Of Style
November 29, 2021
Jade Kerr

We’ve all been there. The season rolls in and with it come the newest fashion trends. There are many reasons to want to keep your wardrobe to a minimum this year. Maybe you’re tight on cash, or trying to live more sustainably, or maybe you simply aren’t a fan of the newest fashion style and secretly wish you could still wear last year’s clothes. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help, by giving you some tips on items worth investing in, because they simply never fail.

The first item on the list has to be the ‘little black dress’. This baby has been around forever, and there’s no surprise why. With a simple cut, and it can be worn for pretty much any occasion, and you’ll always look fabulous. A plain white blouse is also a good one. Too simple to go out of fashion, it’s good to have on hand for interviews, or even for putting the ‘smart’ in ‘smart casual’. When winter comes, you can count on oversized cardigans being a sure winner. Even if they look like they belong to one of your grandparents, this is just proof of its stability with changes in fashion through time. Plaid shirts are a good investment, depending on the pattern, you can dress them up or down, and they’ll always stay in fashion.

A jean jacket is a great go-to item to have as it can be worn with absolutely anything. Throw it over a dress or jumpsuit, or pair it with a skirt, leggings or shirts. You can even personalize it, and make it your own style. Speaking of jeans, it’s probably safe to say that jeans are the most worn item of the 21st century. There are so many styles to choose from; skinny, high-waist, bootcut, flare, boyfriend, mom, jeggings, the list is endless. And finally, it’s always good to have a trusty pencil skirt to fall back on. They’re practical, comfortable, and won’t have you itching to get out of your work clothes as soon as you get home.

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