It’ll Find Its Way Out
October 3, 2019
Alexandra Wade

What isn’t right for you will never remain in your life. You can try as much as you want and fight with everything you’ve got – it won’t help. No matter how much you wait or try, there is nothing you can do to get something or someone that isn’t meant to you.

See, we are all built this way. Biologically, our body constantly gets rid of all the waste it doesn’t need. The same goes for our lives – jobs, people, places, etc.. You can’t force anything to fit your life if it doesn’t happen naturally. The things that are truly right for us will come to us and stay with us, while what’s wrong for us will find it’s way out.

We like to pretend like everything is ok, to put on a front. We postpone the ultimate ending of the things that aren’t right for us. We make ultimatums, say we’ll give it more time, make excuses for why it’s not working. It’s hard for us to let go of things, this too is in our nature.

We get stuck trying to make something wrong work. You get so invested in it you mistake it for passion. You’ll ask yourself: “How is this wrong for me if I’m so passionate about it?”

Well, sometimes we can mistake potential for reality. We envision something perfect in our head, but on the surface, things are a lot different. We want to believe in that fantasy, in that illusion, that we eventually become delusional.  We get lost in our dreams, in the expectations others have for us, in what we hoped would be, that we fail to acknowledge the much different reality.

We mistake the feeling of safety with passion. We are afraid to let go, afraid of what will happen without whatever it is that isn’t right for us. It makes us feel secure, safe, as it is what we know. However, this is where we are wrong. There is nothing that makes us feel more insecure than hanging around what isn’t right for us.

Only when you do step back and can let go of what isn’t right for, you’ll be able to see that what you thought was passion and attachment, was nothing more than the feeling of safety.

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