It’s All About Standing Back Up
November 7, 2020
Claire Miles

Failures are a part of life, whether we’d like that or not. It’s unavoidable. Unfourtenetly, I am a person that doesn’t cope well with failures. When I fail, I can’t simply accept it and move on with my life. It can ruin my entire day in a second. I can be at the top of the world at one moment and the lowest point of my life in the other. It affects me personally – makes me doubt myself, my worth, and my abilities. See, I am extremely judgmental about myself, and when I fail, I can tear myself apart. That is why I am terrified of such a moment, or of every moment that can put me in this position. So, I try to stick with things I’m familiar with, to stay in my comfort zone. However, as you can expect, even though I did what I could to avoid these situations, life led me there anyway.

via Pexels

As I mentioned before, failures are inevitable, and we will face them constantly throughout our lives. And as expected, I encountered them multiple times in my life. For example, my new job. Back in September of last year, I started working at a new job. When I started, and even now, I face failures almost daily. When I just started, every failure brought me down. After every failure, I barely managed to carry on with my day. I felt stuck, frustrated, and incapable, and I just wanted to go back to my bed. However, as time passed, I understood that I could no longer react this way. I can’t bring myself down and standstill, not only because it was unhealthy for me, but also because my job couldn’t allow it, as I couldn’t just leave and go home. So, I learned to bounce back from my failures, to carry on, even if I don’t believe in myself anymore. We have to accept that failures are inevitable and learn how to tackle them, how to move past them, how to stand back up after them.

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