It’s Coming Rome: Italy Wins The 2020 Euro
July 13, 2021
Rebecca Rodriguez

The 2020 Euro tournament ended on Sunday with an extremely thrilling game. For the second time ever, Italy won the Euro tournament. Roberto Mancini’s marvelous team did it big tonight, beating England’s team 2-3 on penalties after a 1-1 draw at the end of 120 minutes. There is a 53 years’ gap between Italy’s wins at the tournament. In between, Italy’s team has participated in two finals in 2000 and 2012, in which it lost. But, today, Italy is back on top of soccer, where she belongs. Italy’s team never lost to England’s team in any big tournament (not the Euro or the World Cup,) and this stat remained unchanged.

Getty images/ AFP/ MICHAEL REGAN

It didn’t start great for the Italians, when only two minutes into the game, Luke Shaw’s goal gave England a lead with the fastest goal in Euro’s finals history. However, the second half belonged entirely to the Italians, who equalized in the 67th minute from a goal by Leonardo Bonucci. For the remainder of the match, it felt as though extra time and penalties were inevitable. Italy won the penalties for the second time in the tournament (having done it against Spain in the semi-finals,) thus becoming the first team ever in the Euros to win via penalties twice in one tournament.

Getty Images/ UEFA/ Ryan Pierse – UEFA

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